Of all the groups, the peepers included the fewest members who had petted (91 per cent). Those with petting experience tended to begin at a relatively late date, the median peeper having his first postpubertal experience at sixteen years of age—the third oldest median age. This late start accounts for the small number who petted before they were sixteen, but within the following age-period 16—20 some 90 per cent (a figure neither high nor low in comparison to other groups) engaged in heterosexual petting.

The accumulative incidence, the percentage with petting experience by a given age, gives a somewhat different picture. By age twelve one third, a moderate figure, had petted; by age fourteen the peepers are in the lower part of the rank-order with 41 per cent; and by age sixteen they are still in the lower third of the rank-order with 65 per cent. However, by age eighteen they have risen to a middle position with 88 per cent. This is what we saw in the age-specific incidence figures which showed little activity between puberty and age fifteen and a moderate amount between ages sixteen to twenty.

Relatively few of the peepers achieved orgasm from petting during any five-year age-period up to age twenty-five; thereafter the incidences are moderate. The accumulative incidence of petting to orgasm reached a maximum of 25 per cent by age twenty-three, also a moderate figure. Because our sample of peepers is not large and since few of them reached orgasm through petting in any age-period, we have not calculated their frequencies.

Since the peepers did not get along well with girls in their preadolescent years, one is prepared for the fact that at ages sixteen to seventeen they had the fewest female companions and friends. No less than one quarter reported none at all. The control group, which can scarcely be considered as consisting of Don Juans, had only 15 per cent of its members in this unfortunate situation. Conversely, the peepers had the fewest members (29 per cent) who reported having had numerous female companions.

With this in mind, one would expect to find that they had had the fewest petting partners. However, our sample of peepers seems to consist of two disparate subgroups, one being the inhibited deprived group, as anticipated, but the other being a sexually more successful and rather promiscuous group. At any rate, the peepers have a curious bimodal distribution in numbers of petting partners: they rank second (9 per cent) among those with no partners, high among those with one partner (9 per cent), and in the successive categories of larger numbers of partners their positions in the rank-orders are middle to low. In the ultimate category of over 100 partners only one peeper (2 per cent—the second lowest percentage recorded) is represented, whereas the control group has 15 per cent. The average (median) peeper had petted with 14 females, the fourth smallest number reported. Yet amazingly enough in the category of 51 to 100 partners the peepers rank first with 22 per cent, a proportion considerably in excess of any other group and one that can scarcely be explained away as a vagary of small sample size.

The more sexually restrained subgroup of peepers reduced the percentage of peepers who had engaged in premarital genital manipulation with females: 82 per cent had this experience, a rather small proportion. On the other hand, the sexually active subgroup seems to have raised the percentages of peepers involved in cunnilingus and heterosexual fellation to middle positions in the various rank-orders. In any case, the peepers are not distinctive for mouth-genital contact with females except with regard to extramarital and postmarital partners.

With these females some 28 per cent of the ever-married peepers had cunnilingus, a percentage earning them first place in this particular rank-order.


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