Premarital coitus with companions constituted a substantial proportion of the total sexual outlet for the members of most groups, but reached or exceeded the 50 per cent level among only three, namely, the heterosexual offenders vs. minors and adults and the prison group.

In most groups the proportion tended to increase with age into the thirties, but this is not true of the homosexual offenders, whose percentages are remarkably stable (from sixteen to thirty) and relatively small. The control group and the prison group both attain their largest proportions between twenty-six and thirty, after which a decrease is noted. This decrease seems the result of various combined factors, the first of which is that after thirty the confirmed bachelors tend to avoid emotional entanglements and rely somewhat more heavily on prostitutes for their sexual needs. This seems the case with the heterosexual-offender groups, the aggressors vs. adults, and the exhibitionists. Secondly, with increasing age the still unmarried males contain an increasingly higher percentage of persons with homosexual interest, which obviously tends to reduce the importance of coitus. This is the case with all three homosexual-offender groups. The two control groups show both forms of selectivity operating, with prostitution being the more important.

The proportion of total outlet found in premarital coitus with prostitutes is trivial during the early teens (1 per cent or less) and increases slowly thereafter. The control and prison groups demonstrate this trend best since their numerical size permits meaningful calculations into the fifth decade of life: in their late twenties the members of these two groups were having about 1 orgasm in 10 with a paid female partner; in their early forties about 1 in every 3 or 4.

As we have mentioned elsewhere, confirmed bachelors have a distinct tendency to turn more and more to prostitutes. Prostitutes are available on fairly short notice, there is no irritating uncertainty about whether or not they will agree to coitus, there is no time-consuming courtship, no emotional entanglement, the expense is no greater, and prostitutes usually compare favorably with nonprostitutes in physical beauty and bodily activity. The absence of affectional ties is no serious argument against coitus with prostitutes in the minds of many males, particularly males from the lower socioeconomic level who view sexual activity and love as two quite separate phenomena which are not necessarily related. In fact, some men of the double-standard school feel that sex and love are mutually exclusive-one loves and respects one’s wife or fiancee and, hence, spares her as much as possible the degradation of sexual activity. This attitude is now less common in the United States, but lingering traces of it still bolster the incidence and frequency of prostitution. Note that the three incest groups rank first, second, and third in the proportion of total outlet derived from prostitution between twenty-one and twenty-five, the same age-period in which most of them were marrying.


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