• Show that you can listen to whatever your child needs to say without getting angry.

• Help your child understand sexuality by having open, easy, and frequent conversations about it.

• Talk with your child every day and take time to become acquainted with your child’s activities and feelings.

• Encourage your child to share concerns and problems with you.

• Teach your child that children’s bodies belong only to them.

• Help your child learn that no one has the right to touch children without their permission. And help your child learn to make decisions and choices by offering alternatives instead of commands as often as possible.

• Let your child know that some adults may want to do things with children that may hurt them or make them feel uncomfortable.

• Let your child know that adults who want children to keep secrets from their parents are doing something wrong. Children must not keep such secrets from their parents or other people that they trust, even if an adult threatens to hurt a child or the child’s parents.

• Explain that it is wrong for adults whom children know and trust, even adults in their own families, to do things with children that may hurt them or make them feel uncomfortable.

• Be sure to keep from frightening your child. Children should know that most grown-ups will not sexually abuse them and that most adults are deeply concerned about protecting

children from harm.

• Make sure that your child knows that you must be told as soon as possible if someone does something confusing such as talking about secrets, touching, giving gifts, or taking naked pictures.

• Reassure your child that children are not to blame for anything that adults do to them.


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