Even though CMO halts autoimmune inflammatory processes, it has no direct anti-inflammatory action of its own. Even though it stops autoimmune attacks at their source (the memory T-cells), and allows the regeneration of cartilage to build up undisturbed, CMO provides no nutrients to encourage it. Combining CMO with sea cucumber would then provide more immediate

anti-inflammatory action as well as some nutrients to help rebuild cartilage and encourage the production of synovial fluid for the lubrication of the joints. Adding 100 milligrams of sea cucumber extract to the time-tested dosage program using 385 milligrams of certified CMO per capsule, taking two capsules each morning and evening, a total of 4 capsules per day, is proven to be of great benefit in my clinical experience.

This course of nutritional therapy should then be followed up by taking a dosage of 400 to 750 milligrams of timed-release glucosamine sulphate twice a day, and 200 to 500 milligrams of DLPA twice a day. This will provide the nutrients needed to repair and maintain good joint health and continuing comfort. Because glucosamine is excreted from the body so very quickly, using a newly developed, proprietary sustained release version is far more effective because it maintains stable blood glucosamine levels throughout the day and night. That’s far better than the stop-start routine of ordinary glucosamine products.

I recommend the following as an ideal program for nutritional therapy of an existing condition, maintenance from a relapse and prevention against developing an ailment. My recommendation is borne out the experience of thousands taking CMO in the past few years.

Take the CMO for an initial several week period to stop the destructive autoimmune process. Follow this up with longer term taking of the timed-release glucosamine and DLPA in the dosages previously mentioned and sea cucumber extracts to suit. This is designed to encourage repair work. You may then consider taking “refresher” courses of CMO in periods varying from every few months to eighteen or more months, depending on your individual circumstances and your environment. This is designed to kick-start your improvement as well as act as a preventive.


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