Some of the Body Signals in the book address special health problems and concerns for readers over the age of 75 under the section “Special Mention for the Elderly”. This section follows the “Treatment” section and includes specific warnings about medications, treatments, and illnesses to which they may be especially prone. For instance, in Chapter 6, “Ears and Nose,” readers will learn that when an older person is affected with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a form of shingles, an extremely painful condition called postherpetic neuralgia can sometimes occur. Readers are then provided with special information about the symptoms of this illness as well as how to minimize their discomfort.

Another section I’ve included in some of the entries is called “Tips and Precautions.” This section includes self-help treatments you can try at home before you see your doctor as well as certain preventive measures you can take to lower your chances of having the condition recur.


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