Miss L. was an attractive 18-year-old. She had come to have a coil fitted. The doctor asked why she wanted to change her method. She stuck her jaw forward and said that she had been on the Pill for two years and had gone off sex. She was sure it was the Pill and wanted a coil instead. She looked away from the doctor, not wanting any more discussion (or perhaps to avoid persuasion that this was not the right choice). The doctor waited but no more was forthcoming. ‘Tell me a bit more about when you first noticed you were going off sex,’ she prompted. With lots of ‘urns’ and encouraging nods from the doctor, Miss L. hesitantly told her story. She had known her boyfriend since she was 15, and she thought it was time that they got engaged but he did not want to commit himself. As she told the doctor about keeping her evenings free for him and how he then went out with his mates instead, her anger became evident. The doctor picked this up and used it to show her how dissatisfied she was. As they talked. Miss L. gradually realized that she could not change her young man’s behaviour and became thoughtful. She decided to postpone having a coil fitted. The next time she was seen, for an unrelated problem, the doctor noticed that she must have run out of Pills and asked her about it. Miss L. explained that she had stopped taking the Pill. ‘We had a big bust up. I started playing badminton with a girl from work and was out one night when he wanted to see me. I told him he didn’t own me and some other home truths about how selfish he was – he didn’t like it at all and I haven’t seen him for weeks now. Good riddance, is what I say!’ and she flashed a smile as she went out.


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