Systematic under-eating is the number one health and longevity secret. Overeating, on the other hand, even of health foods, is one of the main causes of disease and premature aging.
Studies of centenarians around the world show that all of them are moderate eaters throughout their lives. You never see an obese centenarian.
Scientific studies made in Russia and the United States show that overeating is one of the prime causes of most degenerative diseases. Food eaten in excess of actual body needs acts in the system as a poison. It interferes with proper digestion, causes internal sluggishness, gas, incomplete assimilation of nutrients (thus even nutritional deficiencies), putrefaction in bowels, and actually poisons the whole system. Overindulgence in protein is particularly harmful. Overeating is especially dangerous for older people, who are less active and have a slowed down metabolism.
The unbelievable truth is that the less you eat the less hungry you feel, because the food will be more efficiently digested and better utilized.
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