Industrial chemicals Many industrial chemicals can produce allergic reactions. Chrome, which is present in cement, can be a major source of hand dermatitis in construction workers. This can be largely avoided by adding ferrous sulphate to the cement. Epoxy resins such as Aryldite can also cause serious reactions. Industrial chemicals will often penetrate rubber gloves; therefore special nitrile gloves may be necessary.Other than chrome, if the offending chemical is avoided, the dermatitis will disappear in most cases. Dermatitis caused by chrome allergy is often persistent and more difficult to treat. If you continue to become exposed to any chemical to which you are allergic, the dermatitis will become increasingly severe over time.
Clothing Chemicals used in the finishing of textile fabrics can produce allergic reactions which often go unrecognized. Many of these chemicals are formaldehyde resins, which make fabrics crease-proof. Clothing dyes can also cause allergic reactions.
Nail polish Nail polish is an extremely common cause of contact allergic dermatitis due to the resin it contains to make it durable and glossy. Interestingly, this dermatitis is rarely seen around the nail but rather on the eyelids, lips and neck. This is why people rarely suspect nail polish as the cause of their dermatitis. Special hypo-allergenic nail polishes, such as Almay, can be safely used, however the resin used in these nail polishes is less durable and less glossy.

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