Duration : Exercise should have wanning up and cooling down period of 5-15 minutes. The usual duration of exercise is 20-60 minutes.Frequency of Exercise: To get the desired benefits of exercise one should do exercise at least 4-5 days in a week.Intensity of Exercise: Exercise should be uninterrupted and should gradually increase the heart rate 70-80% of the Maximum Heart Rate.How to calculate Maximum Heart Rate ?MHR = 220 – Age of a person in years, eg. if person’s age is 80 years his MHR will be = 220 – 80 years = 140 beats/min.Sub Maximal HR = 80% of MHR = 112 beats/minutes.Patient should learn an art to count his own radial pulse and can perform exercises which can increase his HR to 112/minutes at 80 years of age.Brisk walking3.6Cycling4.5Jogging4.5Running5.0Swimming6.0Badminton (Single)6.0Volley-Ball6.0Tennis7.0*39\329\8*

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