Brand new research from England shows that an amino acid, d-phenylalanine, provides significant pain relief for patients with a variety of chronic pain conditions, including lower back pain, herpes, and post-surgical discomfort. (This is a different amino acid than the form of phenylalanine I discussed earlier.)TEAMWORK IS CRUCIAL FOR THE “DOUBLE A” TEAMTeamwork is the secret of using amino acids to boost your immune power. More than any other immune power nutrient, these substances must be perfectly balanced. In fact, many amino acids, like lysine and arginine, are meant to work in precisely paired ratios. To be effective as brain messengers, energy thermostat regulators and immune boosters, amino acids must be in a balanced equilibrium.However, these powerful immune enhancers can also create powerful problems if you take them carelessly. Improper self-dosing is bad medicine, a one-way road to real immune trouble.Disrupting amino acid balance is the chemical equivalent of dropping putty into the works of a fine Swiss watch—with even more serious results.This is the reason that all of the recipes, as well as the entire Immune Power Diet, use safe, complementary, balanced amino acids. For the few conditions where I prescribe separate amino acids, they are safe in the doses I have given.Some people have problems absorbing or making certain amino acids. One of the most frequent of these conditions, called phenylketonuria, occurs when the body is unable to break down the amino acid phenylalanine, which then builds up causing mental retardation. If you have any amino acid-related problems then any changes in your amino acids could be dangerous. Consult your physician.It is essential—absolutely vital—that you follow exactly the recommendations I’ve given here. Taking these chemicals willy nilly, in any way that throws off your body’s fine chemical balance, can be extremely dangerous. Remember, every time you pick up one of these powerful chemicals, you should treat it as though it were stamped: HANDLE WITH CARE.*64\242\2*

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